Boy Mannequin MM-KM1

  • The MM-KM1 boy mannequin stands at 3 ft 10 in. He is a good looking boy with a pose showing movement and curiosity. His head is turned towards the left side with his right knee slightly bent. This cute mannequin is great for showing off your retail clothing designed for young boys.

    The MM-KM1 is one of our best selling boy mannequins.

    Height: 46.1 in., 3 ft 10 in.
    Shoulder to shoulder width: 12.2 in.
    Chest/Bust: 24 in.
    Waist: 20.5 in.
    Hips: 23.2 in.
    • High quality and solid construction
    • Beautifully painted and crafted by hand
    • Easily comes apart making it a breeze to dress and undress
    • Makeup and realistic eyelashes make this mannequin look almost human!
    • Made of fiberglass
    • Wig and clothing not included
    • Includes a square, steel base with both a calf rod (used for displaying shoes) and heel rod
    • Ground Shipping: $40

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