Black Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD01BK

This beautiful black mannequin comes in a glossy black. She stands at 6'1" and can take over your store with her sleek and unique design. She has an elegant pose that's just fantastic with her hands straight out to her sides with her hands flipped up like a ballet dancer.

MM-RXDO1BK is one of the best options in her class of abstract mannequins. She posesses a great deal of sass and can rock any clothing you decide to fit her with. This high quality mannequin is a modern piece of art and is used in many upscale and modern boutiques and clothing stores around the world.

The list of high-end retailers that use this model is very long. You cannot go wrong with this choice.


Height: 6 ft 1 in.
Chest/Bust: 31.5 in.
Waist: 24 in.
Hips: 34 in.
  • High quality and solid construction
  • Beautiful abstract design
  • Easily comes apart making it a breeze to dress and undress
  • Made of fiberglass
  • Comes in a beautiful glossy black color
  • Ground Shipping: $40

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