Athletic Headless Female Mannequin MM-HUSKYFEMBB

  • Beautiful and strong are the words that come to mind when looking at this gorgeous matte black female mannequin. She comes with an athletic frame slightly bigger than the "normal" female mannequins.ξ

    So if you're looking for that one special, athletic female figure, here she is. The MM-HUSKYFEMBB is absolutely great for athletic and sportswear clothing.ξ

    What's also great about this mannequin is the matte black color she come in which is one of the most popular colors of the year.

    This athletic female mannequin also has a neutral pose with her body straight, feet shoulder-length apart, and her arms to her side. You can't go wrong with this beauty if you need a sports mannequin.


    Shoulder: 18.5 in.
    Bust: 34.5 in.
    Waist: 27 in.
    Hip: 38 in.
    Foot: 8 in.
    Height: 62 in.

    • Female mannequin athletic headless style, standing pose
    • Made of high quality fiber glass
    • Beautiful matte black color
    • Detachable arms, the left(or the right leg), hands and torso for easy dressing
    • Including round metal base and calf support
    • Ground Shipping: $50

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