Ambu Manikin Airway SmartMan

Ambu Airway Smart Man has an operating trachea and esophagus plus a working chest cavity with lung and a complete torso. The Airway Smart Man expands the range of learning skills available with real time visual feedback.
  • All Smart Man training systems feature real time feedback using easy to understand color bar graphs
  • In both practice and test modes, you can choose to perform skills with the visual feedback on or off
  • Airway Smart Man can also be used to train for correct chest compressions and BLS ventilations with a BVM
Training Modules
  • Intubating a victim: Practice placing an advanced airway with a variety of intubation devices such as an endotracheal tube, King Airway, Combitube, and laryngeal mask. Real time feedback lets you know if the airway device is correctly placed, how long it has taken and whether yo uhave established an effective seal.
  • Rescuer advanced airway CPR: The Ambu Airway Smart Man accurately recreates the natural reverse flow of air into the lungs on release of a compression. With an intubation device correctly placed, a ventilation accurately times with the release of the chest and is able to deliver 0.5 l to 0.6 l of air into the lungs within 0.3 seconds. This provides the victim with oxygenated blood and uninterrupted compressions.
  • Timed 2 rescuer CPR: Practice a full cycle of advanced airway CPR including how long it takes to establish an effective airway.

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