Abstract Female Mannequin MM-LS7W

  • A beautiful abstract female glossy white mannequin in a simple standing pose. This female mannequin is made of high-quality fiberglass and will look stunning displaying your clothing. She is perfect for showing off luxury wear to ξsimple clothing.

    Whatever your needs are, this mannequin is exactly what you need in your store. This egghead mannequin is also simple enough that you can buy multiple units and display them around your store.ξ

    Height: 68.1 in., 5 ft 8 in.ξ
    Shoulder to shoulder width: 17.3 in.
    Chest/Bust: 33.1 in.
    Waist: 25.2 in.
    Hips: 35 in.
    • High quality and solid construction
    • Beautiful abstract design
    • Easily comes apart making it a breeze to dress and undress
    • Made of heavy-duty fiberglass
    • Includes square, steel base with a calf rod (if displaying shoes) and heel rod
    • Ground Shipping: $40

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