Mannequin Torsos

Mannequin torsos are a popular option for retail stores, online sellers, as well as designers and tailors. They are a more affordable option than full-length mannequins. Mannequin torsos also require less space and can easily be hung up on walls in order to maximize floor space. If your business requires a model for displaying its merchandise, you can choose from our fiberglass or plastic torsos. If you need to pin and fit articles of clothing onto a mannequin, our dress form torsos will fulfill your needs. Torso models are the economical, space-saving choice for many sellers and tailors alike.

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Mannequin Torsos for Any Fashion Retail Store or Shop

Mannequin torsos are perfect for any fashion retail store or shop where you need to display clothing so it is no surprise that they are a very popular option. They come with the convenience of conserving space which enables you to have additional floor room for more important displays like full-body mannequins.

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